Florence Booth

From an early age I discovered a love for being physically active, and was encouraged to explore this avenue by my parents, teachers, and coaches. The love of being active translated into the want to teach and share with others my passion for being healthy and physically active. In college a PE professor was of particular inspiration and shaped the philosophy of my current instruction.   She taught me to teach every student as an individual that needs to be provided with opportunities to practice and learn skills based on their level of development.  As a PE/Health specialist, I choose to emphasize skill development through modified games that stress specific skills taught, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. I believe every student is an unique individual that arrives in my classroom with their own level of skill ability and knowledge. Despite their level of ability, each student deserves the opportunity to learn and develop their skills and knowledge required for an active and healthful life. I believe caring and competent teaching is essential to maximize learning, increase engagement, and promote lifelong learning with all of my students. My hope as a PE teacher is to educate and inspire my students to lead healthy and active lives now and into the future.

Email: fbooth@nsd.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Western Washington University
B.A. in Physical Education
American College of Education
M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction
Credentials: K-12 Physical Education, 4-12 School Health