Hakala, Doug

Doug Hakala

My programs at North Creek and Bothell High represent terrific opportunities to help young men and women as they explore and gain confidence in their futures in business, marketing, and technology. At Bothell, I teach the core “Intro to Marketing” course, and specialty courses in computer applications, fashion marketing, retail operations, robotics, and also sports & entertainment marketing.  

During the 2017-18 school year, I will be at NCHS during P1, teaching the website design course.  

I have many years of industry experience as a marketing, sales and R&D professional.  I bring a solid history of developing products, markets and partnerships at companies such as Boeing, Medtronic and Weyerhaeuser into the classroom.  For example, I had been involved in developing, marketing and selling life-saving medical devices such as AEDs (automated external defibrillators) domestically, and also internationally, in countries such as China.  

I believe it is truly an honor to help position our students for their futures.  There is nothing better than seeing students make the effort to grasp new concepts, and then show their pride as they put these skills into action.  

Although I am only on the NCHS campus for a limited time each day, I want any NCHS student interested in Marketing or STEM, especially regarding medical technologies, to know I am here to be a resource to support them.

Phone: 425.408.7074

Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Engineering
Masters in Business Administration
Certified CTE Instructor in Business and STEM