COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Volunteers

Are you interested in supporting our students, families and staff this school year (2022-23)? In addition to the regular application process outlined below, volunteers will also be required to submit proof of vaccination through the Safe Visitor application system.  At this time, volunteers who are not vaccinated can request a medical/religious exemption by emailing Jon Young at jyoung3@nsd.org. 

All volunteers are asked to update their application yearly. One month before your application expires you will receive an email from info@safevisitorsolutions.com.

Important Notice: There are still delays in Level 2 background checks due to security issues with the statewide Electronic Court Records Management System, affecting the processing of pending Level 2 volunteer applications. The source of the technical issue is at the state level. We advise all volunteers needing a Level 2 background check to submit their applications at least 3 weeks in advance, as there have been cases where Level 2 checks have taken more than a month to process. Level 1 volunteer checks are still being processed as usual.

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