Campus Security

Safety & Security at North Creek

Ensuring the safety and security of our students and staff at North Creek High School is a top priority for us, and we have taken many, many steps to make sure that North Creek is as safe as possible. 

  • We have the ability to put the entire campus in “lockdown” by the push of a button that immediately locks all exterior doors, notifies police, and signals to teachers that they need to secure their classrooms. 
  • All exterior vestibule windows have been coated with a laminate that makes them resistant to shattering. 
  • All classrooms are equipped with “black out” blinds that cover the entire glass wall in under 4 seconds.  Teachers lock their doors and the wall – which is fast – and then put the blinds down.  This is very similar to all other classrooms – no one can see in or out once the wall is shut and the blinds are down.
  • All staff members will be trained in all safety protocols.
  • Our campus has a Campus Security Officer whose job is to maintain a safe campus at all times for students and staff, as well as a Campus Supervisor.

Our Security Team

Nani Lium

Campus Supervisor
Nani Lium


School Resource Officer
Deputy Kevin Lynch Snohomish County


Deputy Kevin Lynch is a committed servant to the community and North Creek High School. As our School Resource Officer, he will partner with students, staff, and school officials, focusing on their education, growth and safety.

Deputy Lynch has been involved in your community for the last 12 years at the Sheriff’s Office, serving where he lives and works. He joined our North Creek staff in the fall of 2018 with a goal of providing a safe environment to promote student growth, development and responsibility.

Prior to North Creek High School Deputy Lynch worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the Army. He is a certified instructor, law enforcement instructor, volunteer at Providence Medical Center, and has experience working with youth and coaching youth sports.

Reporting Issues

Concerns or Questions Regarding Campus Security

Feel free to contact our Security Team at North Creek High School with any concerns or questions that you might have.

Police-related Matters

Please contact the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department directly for any police-related matters:

300 Rockefeller Avenue
MS 606
Everett, WA  98201

Phone: 425-388-3393 
Phone: 800-562-4367
TTY:  425-388-3700
Emergency:  911
Non-Emergency:  425-407-3999

Anonymous Tipline

If you wish to report an incident, click on the icon at the at the top of any of our website pages that says "Safety Concern".  It will allow you to report an incident via text, email, web or phone.  Additionally, you will find "Report a Concern" under "Find it Fast" at the top of our webpages with a similar icon.