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North Creek High School Field - we are a living learning environment
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Welcome to North Creek High School!

North Creek High School opened in the fall of 2017 and serves almost 1900 students in grades 9 through 12 from the north end of the Northshore School District.

North Creek has a 60+ acre campus featuring numerous wetlands and a state-of-the-art facility for student learning unlike most high schools in the United States.  The buildings are not only heated and cooled by geo-thermal energy, but other energy costs are offset by solar power.   Moreover, each building was designed so that almost every space could be a space used for teaching and learning.  Classrooms have moveable glass walls and the hallways not only have furniture that invites small group work but also feature designated rooms called Collaboration Cubes where students can work together, research, practice, and learn in a comfortable space outside the classroom. 

North Creek’s teaching staff is simply outstanding.  Not only are they content experts, they also understand that their primary task is to build relationships with students so that students can (and will) learn.  North Creek teachers truly care about their students often go well out of their way to help students who struggle or to extend the learning for students who already excel.

North Creek’s staff is also fully committed to equity and social justice.  North Creek is one of the few high schools in the country teaching all students about race and racism and North Creek has more staff of color than any other high school in Northshore.  As a school that is a “majority minority” school, we value and celebrate diversity and we cherish all the religions, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds of our students and families. 

North Creek’s academic program is also both varied and rigorous.  With over 20 different Advanced Placement classes, 10 different College-in-the-High-School courses, unique offerings like Aviation:  Introduction to Flight, and fantastic arts programs from Drama to Band and Orchestra and Choir, students have numerous options in which to find their passions. 

Finally, North Creek values the partnerships it has with parents and the Jaguar community.  Parents not only join PTSA, but also serve on interview committees, volunteer and work on our campus, and help other parents learn how to navigate the school system.  North Creek parents are critical and vital members of the ‘village’ that it takes to raise a child.

North Creek High School:  Always Rising.

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Mission Statement 

The mission of North Creek High School is to inspire and develop students and staff to become stewards of innovation, collaborative problem solvers, creative thinkers, caring and compassionate citizens, environmental champions, servant leaders and social justice activists in service toward making a positive impact on our local and global community.

Mascot and Colors

Our official school colors are purple and silver with a green accent and our mascot is the jaguar. 

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