Wave Learning Festival / College Students Teaching Topics of Interest

There is an interesting new program called Wave Learning Festival offering free online two-week seminars on different subjects.  They are now opening up their fourth "wave" of classes.

The classes are taught by college students across the country on topics that they are passionate about.  Deadline to register for the next "wave" of courses is July 20th and classes will run from July 27 - August 14. They plan to continue to add additional waves in the future.

This is not a Northshore program, and Northshore doesn't endorse any one resource over another.  However, if you are interested in learning more, please visit Wave Learning Festival's website at wavelf.org.  Parents should review any resource like this to make sure that they are ok with their student(s) using them. 

More information on this and other outside resources can be found on Northshore's Home Learning Resources webpage.