Revised Daily Schedule

  • School starts 10 minutes earlier. 
    • Period 0 will start at 6:40 instead of 6:50
    • Period 1 will start at 7:35 instead of 7:45.
  • There are slight differences in start and end times for classes throughout the day
  • School will still end at 2:20 and there will be no changes in 7th period.  7th period meets at the same time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (not on Wednesdays).
  • All Wednesdays (with 2 exceptions) will be full days, and will follow the same class schedule as Thursdays and Fridays other than not having 7th period.  There are two early release Wednesdays, on March 20 and June 5.

The new schedule will be as follows.  Please make sure that you arrive at school on time!