Satellite Classes

Satellite classes are all offered within Northshore School District. Students have access to numerous innovative classes offering hands on experience and in some cases industry certification. Classes are offered to 11th and 12th graders, with a few classes also offered to 10th graders. District transportation is offered to class location if travel is necessary. Descriptions for each class can be found in the NCHS Course Catalog as well as the district Satellite/WaNIC "Career and College Readiness" catalog (linked below) The following classes are offered in our district:

Held here at North Creek HS

  • „Intermediate Data Programming (11th and 12th grades)

  • „Aviation: Introduction to Flight (11th-12th grades)

Held at Bothell HS

  • „Auto Technology: Beginning and Advanced (10th-12th grades)

  • „Construction Academy (10th-12th grades)

  • „Culinary Arts (10th-12th grades)

  • „Baking and Pastry (10th-12th grades)

  • „Careers in Education (11th-12th grades)

Held at Inglemoor HS

  • „IB Design and Technology SL/HL (11th-12th grades)

  • „Sports Medicine (10th-12th grades)

Held at Woodinville HS

  • „Health Science Careers (a.k.a. Medical Professionals Academy) (10th-12th grades)

  • „Welding and fabrication (11th-12th grades)

  •    Emergency CERT (10th-12th grades)

If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for you, a few things are important to know before proceeding:

  • You will be attending North Creek for part of your day and another campus for the Satellite class (unless it is a class held at NCHS) for part of your day. A "travel period" is usually needed in order to get to your Satellite class. The travel period is just that, time to get to your class, and does not bear any credit.
  • You will need to have enough room in your schedule to be able to graduate on time AND attend your chosen Satellite class in order to take part in the program.


Steps for applying to a Satellite class:

1. Research using the different resources above to find a class that fits your interests.

2. Apply: start by completing this Program Interest FormStudents who complete the Program Interest Form will receive a Satellite Application via email.  Watch for the application in your NSD student email account. If any information is entered incorrectly, the approval process will be delayed. Please complete the Program Interest Form several days prior to the March 24th application deadline to allow enough time to receive, complete and submit the SATELLITE APPLICATION.

3. Complete the SATELLITE APPLICATION Once a student completes the student section, the application will automatically be sent via email to their parent for approval. Following the parent e-signature, the application will automatically be sent via email to to your respective counselor at NCHS for review. Deadline for all steps of the application March 24, 2024.

4. Indicate your intention to take a Satellite class when you enter your course selections on StudentVue during registration. You can find the "placeholder" code on your Course Planning Sheet. You will still need to register for 7 credits as if you are not taking a WaNIC class as the WaNIC code does not have any credit attached to it. If accepted to the program, you will work with your counselor to determine which classes you will drop for the following year.