Running Start

Important Message for Current Running Start Students

If you are a FULL-TIME Running Start student, you MUST maintain a 15 credits (3 classes) every quarter. It is a state law that students 8-18 be in school full-time. If you withdraw from a class, you are REQUIRED to notify your counselor. If this withdraw takes you below the 15 credit requirement for full-time, you must do one of the following:

  • Be enrolled in a private school part time (proof will be required)
  • Be enrolled in a work training program (which requires working with your school counselor to establish a program)
  • Be partially homeschooled (which requires paperwork to be filed with the district)

Full time running start student athletes who participate in a sport at North Creek High School may not withdraw from running start classes. If they do, it will make them ineligible for sports.