Outside Learning

Please read through and follow the below steps if you would like to take a class with an outside provider for reasons such as accelerating classes or for credit recovery/replacement.

BEFORE Signing up: 

  1. Go to OSPI’s website to find approved online courses and providers.

  2. Print and fill out the NCHS Outside Provider Form.

  3. Print a copy of your transcript from StudentVue (Under Documents)

  4. Return the completed form and copy of your transcript to your Counselor.

AFTER Completing the class:

  1. Once the class is completed, order an official outside course transcript to be sent to Ms. Manning, amanning@nsd.org 

  2. Fill out “Add to Transcript” Form in the Counseling Center and return to Ms. Manning after completing the class for counselor approval.

  3. If you are taking an online class for “GPA Adjustment” - then you need to fill out “GPA Adjustment Form” so the original credit gets adjusted. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I didn’t do well in PreCalc I & II, where can I retake it? 

NCHS and NCHS only. You CANNOT do a GPA improvement on this particular class anywhere from an outside provider. They do not have the same curriculum. 

  1. I used another provider before that isn’t on the list referenced on above, can I still use that provider? 

No. Only the classes that are listed on the approved OSPI catalog would count. It is your responsibility to ensure the class you sign up for is an OSPI approved class for what you need. 

  1. Will my original grade stay on the transcript? 

Yes. All grades will stay on your transcript to keep the integrity of your transcript. However, if you want to get a GPA adjustment, please fill out the GPA adjustment form and we will take out the original credit so it does not get calculated into your GPA. 

  1. How many classes can I take with Outside Learning?

To preserve the integrity of the NSD comprehensive HS diploma, 85% of the required credits for graduation shall be earned through NCHS. No more than 50% of the graduation requirements in any discipline may be obtained from approved accredited sources outside the Northshore School District. Students who earn more than 15% of the total required credits or more than 50% of the required credits in any discipline from outside sources, and who complete all district requirements for graduation, shall receive a generic NSD diploma.