Registration FAQs

Q: When will students' schedules be live for the school year?

A: Student schedules will change frequently from now until the first week of September. Final schedules will be made available/live the day before school starts

Any student schedules you may see posted in StudentVUE (or elsewhere) between now and before the start of school may not be accurate. 

Questions? Please contact:
Patty Ward, Student Information Specialist
North Creek High School  (425) 408-8818

Q: I am a senior on track to graduate. Do I really have to take 7 classes?

A: No. Seniors on track to graduate will have the option to have a 6-period day. However, if a student fails any class 1st semester, they will need to be enrolled in 7 classes for 2nd semester.

Q: Is there an 8th period for those who want one?

A: No. You will be able to get all the classes you want in 7 periods.

Q: I am taking a math class over the summer. What math class should I register for?

A: We do NOT recommend taking advanced abbreviated courses over the summer. They do not cover all of the material and the student may not be prepared for the next level. If you take a class over the summer, it must be on the OSPI approved course catalog. You still have to register for the class that is next in your sequence without the summer class. Then when you complete the summer class let us know. Then we will change your enrollment for the next class up.

Q: I want to take a class that I don't have the prerequisite for yet but I am taking the prerequisite over the summer. Can I still register for that class?

A: No. You may put it on your alternates but you need to talk to your counselor and make sure they know your plans.

Q: Can I reduce my schedule if I am on track to graduate?

A: Only Seniors may have a 6-period day.

Q: Is there a way to waive my PE credits?

A: Yes. If you play school sports, you can waive .25 credits per season, per sport. There is also a process to use outside sports to waive PE. Neither of these options grant credit, they simply waive it to flex credits. Forms are required to complete the process. But remember that PE is a great way to fill 7 periods without adding extra homework.

Q: How many AP classes should I take?

A: Incoming 9th graders should take no more than 1 (2 if extremely motivated) and add 1 a year. This is just a guideline. The most a student should take is 4, and this is for very motivated students. Remember that AP classes are college level courses. College students usually take 3-4 classes a quarter, thus high school students should not be taking more college level classes than current college students.

Q:  What is the difference between Pre-AP English 9 and Pre-AP English 10?

A:  Most students are correctly placed in their on-grade level English class.  However, a few students identified as needing highly capable services may be able to accelerate one year in English.  To compare the two course, use these links to check out sample syllabi which include reading lists: