Registration Process

Which Courses Should I Sign up For?

Picking your courses for the upcoming year requires planning and thought.  We want you to make sure you've met all your graduation requirements by the end of your 4 years, and also that you pick courses that are a good match for you!

We've broken the selection and registration process down into steps to make it a bit easier.

If you have any questions or concerns during planning or registration, talk to your counselor.  We are here to help you successfully navigate this process!

Step 1 - Watch the Registration Video

We have created an overview video of the planning and registration process for you.  Watching this video is the first thing that you should do before considering which classes to register for.

Step 2 - Understand Your Graduation Requirements

Starting with the class of 2019, students will need to have 24 credits of certain types to graduate.  There are 17 Core Credits required, 3 "Personalized Pathway Requirements" (or PPR) which will differ in type depending on what path the student plans to take for careers, and 4 Elective Credits that students can use to explore areas of interest to them.

For more detail on specific types of credits are required, visit our Graduation Readiness webpage.


Step 3 - Map Your Course Needs

Student Graduation Requirements Profile

If you are a current student and are registering in the February / March timeframe for the upcoming fall, the counseling team will have printed a Student Grad Requirement Profile for you.  This should show you which of the graduation requirements you have already met, and which areas you still need to complete.

If you are a new student planning your upcoming course registration, the counseling team will meet with you to help make sure you are selecting courses that will have you on the path to graduation.


Look at your current transcript.  It will show you which classes you have taken, your grades and current GPA.  It also has a section that shows other state graduation requirements.  Make sure you have met these requirements as well.

Planning Spreadsheets

You can use the tools below to plan out all 4 years of high school. You can include the classes you have already taken as well as plan out the classes you intend to take next year and beyond. These tools are optional so you can pick the one you like best for your personal style.

Tool #1

Tool #1 is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. You will notice that there are pre-loaded formulas in the "total" areas.

4-year planning Excel sheet

Here is a picture of what it might look like all filled out. The red arrows show a few of the areas where there are pre-loaded formulas.

image of credit tracking sheet for high school student planning


Tool #2

Tool #2 is a blank slate. You can use it in any way you see fit.

Blank 4-year planning sheet

Step 4 - Choose Your Courses

Now it's time to look through the Course Catalog and choose classes that will fit your plan and that are of interest to you.  Make sure that you look at the designations after each course to see what type of course it is and whether it fulfills one of your graduation requirements.

North Creek is now an AP Capstone School, which means you could earn an AP diploma.  If you are a junior this coming year, you would need to take AP Seminar as one of your courses for this program.   If you want to learn more about AP Capstone, visit the Advanced Placement Home Page.

Most importantly, we want you to thoughtfully select your courses. It is important to think about balance, interest AND challenge. Here are some things to consider when making final selections.

Additionally, the courses listed below need either an audition or teacher permission to take the course.  Please be sure to have a teacher signature from the appropriate teacher on your registration form before you enter the course in StudentVue.


Incoming 9th

Incoming 10th, 11th, 12th

Advanced Choir (MUV360A/B)

Current Choir Teacher

Ms. Sullivan
Annual Staff (AAS125A/B) Current English Teacher Mr. Rosenthal
Aviation (VAT400A/B) Email Mr. Hakala NA
Chamber Orchestra (MUO150A/B) Audition w/ Dr. Montague Audition w/ Dr. Montague
Jazz Ensemble (MUJ100A/B) Audition w/ Dr. Montague Audition w/ Dr. Montague
Journalism & Podcasting (ENG565A/B) Current English Teacher Ms. Lewis
Library Research Assistant (YRA100) Current Librarian Ms. Jensen
Math Mentor (MAT110) NA Current Math Teacher
Musical Performance (DRA360) Audition w/ Mr. Hagerman Audition w/ Mr. Hagerman
Office Assistant (YMO100) NA Ms. Hay or Ms. Duncan
Peer Coaching (YYN071) NA Ms. Feuer
Play Performance (DRA350) Audition w/ Mr. Hagerman Audition w/ Mr. Hagerman
Science Mentor (SCI111) NA Ms. Riberich
Wind Ensemble (MUB300A/B) Audition w/ Dr. Montague Audition w/ Dr. Montague

Step 5 - Fill out Course Request Sheet

Course Registration Worksheets

Worksheets will be given to students soon. Check the registration schedule in order to find out when forms will be given to your grade (subject to change due to impact of weather on school schedule). In the meantime, use the tools in "Map Your Course Needs" to track what courses fit you best. 

Step 6 - Enter your courses on StudentVue

We would like all current and incoming students to enter their course selections on StudentVue. Feel free to watch the video above. If you would prefer a paper copy, please click here.