Pre AP English 10

Why Pre-AP English 10 for nearly all 10th graders?

High School. It's about opening doors.

Despite wide disagreements about the role of schools and even the aims of education in our society, there is a growing consensus across a broad political and ideological spectrum that more students than ever before must graduate from high school prepared to meet high standards for postsecondary education or the workforce. The past few years have seen a movement among states and districts to eliminate barriers to college access and to increase student preparation and college attendance.

Northshore School District and North Creek High School are joining this movement to eliminate barriers that limit future options for our students.  High school is a time to open doors, to explore, to find passions, and to get ready to make choices about life after high school. One way to help open doors is to have all 10th grade students begin in courses that prepare them to take many different courses, including eventual AP courses. Currently, all 10th graders take the same version of Chemistry and the same version of Geometry, etc. These courses open doors to the further study of both science and mathematics.

However, despite the fact that all 10th graders get the same versions of math and science, they have been offered two versions of English.  Only one of these courses provides that open access that students find in math and science, and that is Pre-AP English 10. Taking Pre-AP English 10 opens doors.  It prepares students to have the option to take AP courses in English, whereas the other course does not open those same doors. Does this mean kids in Pre-AP English 10 have to take an AP course later?  No. Kids in Chemistry do not have to take an AP science class. But importantly- they are prepared to do so and have the option to do so.

We know that some students will find Pre-AP English 10 challenging and North Creek English teachers, counselors and Administrators are prepared to help any student who struggles.  We currently have support mechanisms in place such as Tuesday Tutorials, free Wednesday instruction from UW Bothell candidates, etc. Next fall, we are looking to add specific Writing classes and Tutorial Seminars to help students be able to reach their potential and beyond.

High school.  It’s about opening doors.  

If after reading the above information, you still want to opt out of Pre AP English 10, here are the steps:

  1. Fill out this google form.
  2. Your student's counselor will contact you about opting out.
  3. The counselor will register your student for either Pre-AP English 10 or English 10 depending on what happens in the conversation between parent and counselor.