Course Registration

When do I Register?

Current Students

Course registration for incoming 9th graders and for current 9th, 10th and 11th graders happens each year starting in February and extending into March.  Once the regular registration window closes, no changes will be made to course request sheets.  

Students New to the District

After enrolling in the district and determining which school you'll be attending, course registration will be done by the students' counselor and the Registrar directly.

Key Dates for 2021-2022 Registration

The Registration Process

For more information about what to consider and how to plan your course requests visit our Registration Process webpage.

Currently, all high schools and some middle schools use a combination of paper or electronic planning sheet and online course selection in order for students to choose courses for the next school year. Once students have completed course selection entries, receiving school will lock these entries and allow time for families to review before the selections become final. The final version of selections will be saved by the school and kept on file for a reference to a students original selections. There will be a step by step video as well as written instructions (with screen shots provided) on how to best plan for courses and how to enter courses in StudentVue. 

Schedule Changes

Choices made by students during registration are considered to be final. Courses offered and school staffing are based on the decisions students make during the registration process. However, schedule changes may be made on a very limited basis for the following reasons:

  • A graduation requirement must be added
  • A student does not have the skills to continue in a year-long class
  • Administrative withdrawal is requested
  • Incomplete schedule
  • Duplicate classes/obvious errors
  • IEP/ELL placement issues

Any schedule change that does not meet these criteria is subject to denial.  Remember, full year courses are just that:  full year. 



Counseling Team

Christy Skurski
(425) 408-8818

Amber Manning
(425) 408-8819

Course Catalog

The course catalog contains most of  the information you need to know about our class offerings and the scheduling process. If you have any questions along the way, our counseling staff will be happy to assist you.

If you do not see the Table of Contents at the left of this document after opening it, click on View, and then Show Document Outline.  This will allow you to move around through the catalog more easily.



We hope to answer as many questions as possible with our registration FAQ page. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, you can submit an FAQ form by clicking the button below. You will receive a response to the email you provide. As valuable questions are submitted, they will be added to the FAQ page. 

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