College and Career Visits

What is a College or Career Visit?

College Visits

One resource that can really help in your journey to find the right "fit" for college is attending a college visit right here on campus. Various colleges come to campus, usually in the fall, to offer students an inside look at their respective campuses. Admissions representatives explain things like what degree programs are offered, what life on campus is all about, what there is to do in the surrounding area and much more! These visits are open to all grades, but are most beneficial to 11th and 12th graders.  You need to sign up for a college visit on Naviance, and it must be approved by your teacher.

Career Visits

It's always best to find out all you can about a career before deciding. At least once a quarter we invite individuals in to offer useful career info to students who may be contemplating a particular career. You need to sign up for a career visit on Naviance, and it must be approved by your teacher.

College Visits Calendar

Below is the full College Visit calendar.  You can switch the view to Week, Month or Agenda view.  This webpage also has a section entitled Upcoming College Visits which shows just the ones coming on campus soon.

Sign up for a College Visit

Here is how to sign up for a college visit:

  1. Log in to your Naviance account at
  2. Click on "Colleges"
  3. Click on "View all upcoming college visits"
  4. If you see a college you would like to learn more about, click "sign up"
  5. Then click "sign me up"

Your name will automatically be added to the attendee list. 

Your job is not done yet, however!

You must connect with the teacher you have for the period of the visit and confirm that it is ok with them if you go to the visit. If you attend a visit without permission, you will receive an unexcused absence for that period.

Upcoming College Visits

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