Meet the Coaches

Coach Nicole Luckenbach

My history with the sport:

  • Snohomish HS thrower.
  • Eastern WA walk-on, later becoming a Hammer Throw specialist and earning a full ride.
  • Top 5 D1 National competitor, 3x D1Big Sky Champion, set 2 school records and 11 other stadium and competition records. EWU 2010 athlete of the year. Big Sky Championship Athlete of the Meet 2010.

Previous coaching experience:

  • NCHS Head Track coach since 2017. Previously at Woodinville HS, Eastern WA University and Lindburg HS.

Coaching philosophy:

  • Focusing on the process to achieve goals is the cornerstone of success. Through the process, athletes gain control and strength in segmented phases of movement. When athletes can master movement sequences and gain stability in loaded positions, they can perform more efficiently at speed, discovering new personal bests.
  • At practice we often discuss our "purpose" and how thoughtful, intentional movement patterns, exercises and drills will support athletes to improve movement efficiency and maximize force production. This intentional process supports athletes goal setting, while developing a growth mindset.
  • I especially love the sport of Track because athletes of all types can find event areas to excel in, while improving their overall athleticism.

Personal Info:

  • As an outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy hiking, lake days, jet skiing, snowmobiling and more! My dog and I are summer explorers, and my new cabin has opened the door to new winter recreation.
  • As a local, I get to see family and lifelong friends often. They would probably tell you that I am thoughtful, fun and have a love of games (and am slightly Track obsessed!). 
  • As a PE teacher, I create new games and instill a love for health and fitness in our community. Let's get out there and get moving!