What is a Link Leader?

A Jaguar Link Leader is an individual who represents North Creek High School – connecting incoming Freshman to our community, and helping them to do their best here in their new school. To be a North Creek High School Jaguar Link Leader you need to be committed, respectful, enthusiastic, self-confident, self-directed, positive, accountable, willing to lead others, willing to take risks, and have strong communication skills. If you do your job well, the students you mentor will become integral parts of a positive climate and culture at North Creek, and will commit themselves to doing their best academically throughout their four years here.

Mandatory Dates for Link Leader Training

If you would like to become a link leader, there are dates that have mandatory attendance as these are required dates for leadership training. closer to the application date you will see them below. If you are not available for all of the required dates, please do not apply.  If you are chosen to be a leader and fail to show up for training for any reason, we will need to remove you from your link leader position.


NCHS Link Crew 2017-2018


Link Coordinators

Naudia Bosch

Heatherjoy Boi

Myndi Nelke

Maureen Fleischman