Yearbook Photos

Senior Yearbook photos are due on Friday, October 25, 2020.  



Photo Information

Taking Your Senior Photos

You may use any vendor you wish to use as long as the photos meet the specifications listed in the "Photo Specifications" tab. 

Photo Specifications

All photos must have the following aspect ratio:


  • 10.125 picas wide
  • 15.75 picas high

Photos must have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. ANY other resolution photo will not be accepted. Cell phone photos are not likely to meet our quality requirements.

Accepted file formats: .jpg (JPEG) and .tif (TIFF).  We will not accept PNG, GIF, HEIC, Photoshop PSD, EPS, BMP or RAW files.

The Annual staff is NOT accepting photos for scanning.

Submitting Photos

You may email appropriately formatted photo files to:[email protected]


Class of 2020

North Creek High School Crest