Advisor Info

18-19 End-of-Year Info

All Advisors:

Keep a binder with your club meeting minutes/attendance records. If you are not returning as a club advisor, please turn your minutes binder into Kristy Waligorksi before you leave for the summer.

ASB-sponsored Club Advisors (clubs approved to fundraise) & Coaches:

Paperwork deadlines

JUNE 11: The following paperwork is due to ASB (bring to Kristy Waligorski or the ASB-3142)

  • PURCHASE REQUEST forms for any purchases needed between June 24 - Sep. 6 
    • Note: If you don't know the exact amount, that's ok, just estimate high enough to cover purchase
  • FUNDRAISING REQUEST forms for any ASB fundraisers happening between June 24 - Sep. 6
  • RECONCILIATION paperwork for any fundraiser that happened for the 18-19 school year (see Kristy Waligorski for reconciliation packet)

JUNE 14: 

  • Jag Day fundraiser Reconciliation paperwork due 

Any purchases made over the summer without pre-approval are made at your own risk and are not guaranteed to be reimbursed through your ASB account. Please, make sure to submit paperwork in advance.

Please see Kristy Waligorski or Naudia Bosch if you have any questions relating to filling out paperwork, getting paperwork, determining if you need paperwork, etc. 

Thank you, thank you!!