Welcome - join us!

North Creek offers a variety of activities to get involved with.  

Interested in helping other students and getting more involved with school activities, as well as meeting new people?  Link Crew might be for you!

Interested in leadership roles within the school?  Run for an ASB office!

If you have specific interests that you'd like to pursue along with others that are interested in the same thing, check out our Clubs.  If you have an idea for a club that currently doesn't exist, bring the idea forward and apply to have the club created!


North Creek Fight Song: 
“Stand Up For North Creek High”

(AUDIO Link - Click HERE)

Stand up for North Creek High,
Stand up for North Creek High,
Send up a cheer THE JAGS ARE HERE,
Stand up for North Creek High.

Stand up you Jags and cheer,
With brothers and sisters here,
Stand side by side IN JAGUAR PRIDE,
Stand up for North Creek High.

And when the battle is done we'll have victory,
Whatever challenges come we will rise to meet them.

Fight on, you Jags, fight on,
We'll shine like the break of dawn,
Wherever we go JAG PRIDE WILL SHOW,
Stand up for North Creek High.




Activities Coordinator

Naudia Bosch

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