Tutoring is available from a variety of sources to support students in their academic pursuits.  If tutoring services are needed, please contact your student's Counselor or teacher in the academic area of interest.  

King County Library Services offers all Northshore students access to their digital content, including tutoring services, through our partnership.  Log in and access resources on KCLS' student portal.

Interested in being a tutor?

paw with be a tutor

North Creek High School is gathering a cohort of student academic tutors.  Benefits of being a tutor at NCHS include supporting peers, deepening content knowledge in academic areas, and earning service hours.  If you are a NCHS student interested in being a tutor for another NCHS student, please share your information and areas of academic interest using this form.  

Tutors will be notified when another NCHS student needs their tutoring services.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. Jeff Stride.



Need to Find a Tutor?

North Creek is happy to help match you to a tutor in your needed content area.  Please complete this form and you will receive an email with information on how to contact qualified NCHS Student Tutors!   If you have questions, please contact Mr. Jeff Stride.