Jay Kenyon

Hello Everyone! I'm the "new guy" at North Creek High School and excited to be part of the new team. I am an open book and consider our working relationship of family-school-child as the intrinsic culmination of uplifting any child in learning. In short, I value our relationship. Grades are a mere small slice of the pie, your child, our child, is so much more capable than that!

I used to teach in New York state but moved to Seattle and placed my roots here. I've taught at Bellevue School District for several years before making Northshore School District my home. Last year I was at Northshore Middle School as a Mid-Level/Learning Center teacher.

As for me, I am a family man with a spirited/rambunctious 2 year old, a dog that loves stealthily eating food from the table, wife ("Mother of Dragons" to my "2 boys"). Enjoy hiking, fishing, crabbing, sports (basketball, soccer, team handball...GO BILLS!). I speak Mandarin-Chinese.

I look forward to meeting you in our virtual classroom, and offer help in any way I can for our kid at NCHS!