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Fill out this form if you have a suggestion on which books you'd like to see in the library.

Award Books

Here are lists of award-winning books that you might be interested in.

Teen Book Finder

The Young Adult Library Services of the American Library Association has created a book suggestion app that can also be accessed online. 

ALA Books for the College Bound
The American Library Association compiles suggests titles for those college-bound students. These suggestions are the "best-of" in categories such as Literature, Science, and Humanities.
Great Schools Books for the College Bound
This is a list of the "classical" literature than many educators recommend.
AP Literature Titles

An AP Lit teacher has been tracking which books have been used on AP exams since 1970. Not only does this list the titles but also how many times it has shown up on an AP test. (The most used? Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison)
AP List for Ms. Sutton's Classes
Ms. Sutton has edited this iist to remove any book that will be used in NCHS AP classes.
Series and Sequels
Find the next book in a series using either the series title or the author's name.
Project Gutenberg 

Looking for a book to read on your computer or your digital device? This public domain project provides hundreds of ebooks in a variety of formats including pdf and Kindle.